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  • DAN - Divers Alert Network DAN - Divers Alert Network
    International website of the Divers Alert Network containing, among other things, the DAN Medical Center, a database of medical information including FAQs, articles and a medical dictionary.
  • DAN Europe - Divers Alert Network DAN Europe - Divers Alert Network
    The European department of IDAN (International Divers Alert Network), a non-profit organisation concerned with research into the medical aspects of diving. You can become a member of DAN, which allows you to use their international network of alarm centres, which can give advice by phone and refer to local dive physicians. They also issue a magazine, Alert Diver, which contains interesting articles on the medical aspects of diving.
  • IANTD - International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers IANTD - International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers
    IANTD is an organisation that specializes in nitrox and technical dive training.
  • IDD - Instructor Dive Development
    Website of IDD, an international diving association.
  • BSAC - British Sub Aqua Club BSAC - British Sub Aqua Club
    The BSAC is one of the most respected diving organisations in the world with a reputation for the excellence of its diver training programme.

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  • HSA - Handicapped Scuba Association
    Founded in 1981, the Handicapped Scuba Association, a non-profit organization, has dedicated itself to improving the physical and social well-being of people with disabilities through the exhilarating sport of scuba diving and in doing so has become a worldwide authority in the field.
  • IAHD - International Association for Handicapped Divers IAHD - International Association for Handicapped Divers
    The International Association for Handicapped Divers provides dive training for physically handicapped people. They also provide specialised training for dive instructors who want to teach people with physical handicaps.
  • Wevos Wet Wheels
    Website of Wevos Wet Wheels, a Belgian organisation for diving for the disabled.

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  • Sharks Start Page
    Start page full of links to all sorts of websites about sharks.
  • Reef Relief Reef Relief
    Reef Relief is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to preserving and protecting living coral reef ecosystems through local, regional and global efforts.
  • Oceanic Research Group
    Oceanic Research Group, Inc. is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to ocean conservation. Their principal mission is the production of educational films and products. They also have an extensive underwater stock photography and video library which they use to help fund their non-profit mission.
  • World Wildlife Fund World Wildlife Fund
    International website of the World Wildlife Fund.
  • Ocean Watch
    Ocean Watch Foundation is a non-profit volunteer organization founded in 1988 for the preservation, protection and education of the local coral reef communities in Southeast Florida.
  • National Geographic Society National Geographic Society
    Website of the National Geographic Society.
  • Seaturtle.org
    Website dedicated to providing online resources and solutions in support of sea turtle conservation and research.
  • Greenpeace Greenpeace
    International website of Greenpeace.
  • Turtle Trax
    Website devoted to marine turtles.
  • Project Seahorse
    Project Seahorse is a team of biologists and social workers committed to conserving and managing seahorses, their relatives and their habitats while respecting human needs.

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  • DuikNet DuikNet
    Dutch website containing Dutch and international dive news and many links. It also contains a notice board on which you can place free ads, a mailing list and an overview of dive clubs in the Netherlands.
  • DuikReis
    Dutch website containing information and links about dive travel.


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  • Scuba Start Page
    Scuba start page containing loads of dive links, divided into categories.
  • Divernet UK Divernet UK
    Website of the British magazine Diver, which is published by BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club), a British diving association. Contains among other things articles from the magazine (which are published on the internet one month after they are published in the magazine).
  • Scuba Diving
    Website of the American magazine Scuba Diving. The website contains lots of news and information and offers services such as a newsletter and email.
  • Asian Diver
    Website of Asian Diver, the first and leading Pan-Asian online underwater resource.
  • UKRS
    Website of the uk.rec.scuba (UKRS) newsgroup.
  • Scuba Yellow Pages Scuba Yellow Pages
    Website containing lots of links to scuba-related websites.
  • Scuba Diving Explained
    An online book by Lawrence Martin about the medical aspects of diving.
  • Deeper Blue
    Online resource for the underwater world. Not just about scuba diving, but also about freediving.
  • Dive-Oz
    Australia's biggest online scuba resource.
  • Underwater Times
    Daily journal of life in and around the water.
  • ScubaMonster ScubaMonster
    Offers scuba articles, links and full access to scuba-related discussions. Find your next diving destination or research equipment and learn more about marine life.
  • Underwater Australasia Underwater Australasia
    Australia's most popular dive site and comprehensive underwater directory.

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To top of page Dive Centres (Worldwide)

  • Diving Malta: Scuba Diving Gozo
    Diving Malta: top destination in the Mediterranean. Diving Malta or book Malta tour around Gozo or Malta, or book accomodation. Diving Malta for beginners or experienced. You can also get PADI scuba certification.
  • TecEvolution Pattaya - Thailand
    Dive school dedicated to technical dive trainings and internships on Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Rebreathers in Thailand.
  • Coral Diving Ao Nang - Thailand
    Coral Diving is a PADI dive center situated in the grounds of the Krabi Resort at Ao Nang, Thailand. Our team of instructors strive to exceed our clients expectations and offer a service tailored to each individual's needs and abilities.
  • Red Sea Relax PADI Scuba Diving Resort - Dahab, Egypt
    Located directly on the beach in the beautiful Bedouin village of Dahab, Red Sea Relax Resort offers breathtaking beachside accommodation, scuba diving courses and guided dives to some of the most spectacular reefs on earth!
  • Taka Dive Adventures - Australia
    Website of Taka Dive Adventures in Cairns, Australia, who organize liveaboards to the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea.
  • Reef Teach - Australia
    Dive centre in Cairns that presents entertaining and informative presentations and courses about the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Sundive - Australia
    Dive centre in Byron Bay that offers, among other things, dive trips to Julian Rocks.
  • Undersea Explorer - Australia Undersea Explorer - Australia
    Website of Undersea Explorer in Port Douglas, Australia, who organize liveaboards to the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea.
  • Oonas Divers - Egypt
    Website of Oonas Divers in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt.
  • INMO Divers - Egypt
    Website of dive centre INMO Divers in Dahab, Egypt.
  • Amoray - Florida
    Website of Amy Slate's Amoray Dive Resort in Key Largo, Florida, United States.
  • Dolphin Reef - Israel Dolphin Reef - Israel
    Website of Dolphin Reef in Eilat, Israel, where you can dive with dolphins.
  • Maltaqua - Malta
    Website of dive centre Maltaqua in Malta.
  • White Shark Africa - South Africa
    Dive centre in Mossel Bay specialised in cage diving with great white sharks.

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Diving World Duikvakanties

To top of page Dive Equipment

  • Suunto
    Website of Suunto, with extensive information about the Suunto dive computers.
  • Reef Scuba Accessories
    Website of Reef Scuba Accessories, an online dive shop in the United States.
  • Dive Innovations
    Website of Dive Innovations, a company that has developed a new tank integrated weight system for divers with back problems.

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To top of page Diving Software

  • ScubaBase
    Logbook software which enables you to store data such as dive profile, buddy information and location data.

To top of page Other Dive-Related Links

  • PB Translations PB Translations
    Qualified and sworn translator of English & Dutch and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor: For all your dive-related translations.
  • Diving against cancer Diving against cancer
    An initiative from enthusiastic recreational divers from the 's-Hertogenbosch region who are organising the KiKa dive marathon 's-Hertogenbosch (31 May-1 June 2008), the proceeds of which will go towards fighting children's cancer.

To top of page News Groups and Forums

  • nl.sport.duiken: Dutch news group
  • uk.rec.scuba: British news group
  • aus.sport.scuba: Australian news group
  • rec.scuba: American news group

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