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Why a special website for women divers?

I am regularly asked why I created this website for women divers. Why a special website when women want to be treated the same as men?

I didn't create this website because I think that women and men should dive separately. It is simply because, when I started diving, I couldn't find certain information specific for women anywhere else, or only after searching for a long time.

Yes, women do want to be treated the same way as men, but there are some issues that are different for women than men, because men and women are biologically different. Think of medical issues (e.g. diving and pregnancy) and scuba gear that is not always comfortable for women (e.g. some women have a lot of difficulty finding a BCD that fits comfortably).

And, believe it or not, in some cases women still aren't treated the same way as men, so that's another important issue. I've heard terrible experiences from other women divers, which has led them to join women-only dive clubs. This is not because they wanted to separate themselves, but because they were simply not accepted by the men. Most women do not want to separate themselves from men, but sometimes they just have to because of the behaviour of some men (luckily not all of them!!) who simply don't want to treat women the same as men.

Another reason for creating a special web page is to show that scuba diving isn't just for men and that there are a lot of women divers. I've often met women who wanted to take up scuba, but didn't because they thought it was some macho sport for men only. With this website, I hope to show these women that this is not true, that scuba diving is for everyone. For women and for men!

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  • Dive Girl
    A dive site for and by women (may also be visited by men). Good articles written with a great sense of humour.
  • WomenUnderwater
    WomenUnderwater is a quarterly publication dedicated to inspiring and promoting the accomplishments of women divers. It contains articles that encompass recreational, technical and exploration diving endeavors, profiles of women in the diving community, tips & tricks and equipment test reviews. And just for the record... the guys like it too!

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  • Women In Diving
    Links for diving women on Reef Scuba Accessories's website.

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  • CoCoCheznaynay
    ScubaDoRags and ScubaGoodHoods for fun, protection and visibility.
  • Diving Daisy
    Cool dive threads for diving women, by diving women.
  • Girl Diver
    The ultimate in scuba lifestyle apparel and accessories by women, for women.
  • Whirling Girl
    Shop selling beautiful diving (and other water sports) jewelry.

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  • A Dance in Deep Water A Dance in Deep Water
    Douglas Allyn
    A novel about a female diver and her relationship with her son.
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  • Scuba Diving: A Woman's Guide Scuba Diving: A Woman's Guide
    Claire Walter
    Claire Walter, a PADI-certified advanced diver, addresses women's issues in everything from getting started and diving basics to advanced diving. She weaves women's voices into the narrative to provide a range of assuring experiences. Among topics covered are overcoming one's fears, choosing the right instructor, equipment, your first dive, and expanding your horizons.
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